27 agosto 2006

Más videos relacionados con Frasier

...o con uno de los personajes de la serie, Niles Crane.

David Hyde Pierce es todo un personaje. A mí me encanta su voz, su porte y su capacidad de hacer el ridículo sin mover un músculo de la cara.

Lo siento de nuevo por los que no saben inglés. Haced un esfuerzo, vale la pena :D

Para que no os quejéis, os dejo la letra de la canción. Quesito para quien adivine al autor de la pieza musical:

Ladies and gentlemen: my possie
This is a song I wrote about being a therapist. It's called the Therapist Song....

So you walk into my office and you're feeling kind of low
You're depressed confused and anxious and you've got no place to go
Well I'm the one to talk to, I'm the man who understands
You just take a hundred-fifty bucks and pop it in my hand
And hit the couch: hit the couch
So you say you hate your mommy and your dad was gone alot
you had intimate relations with your pet dog Spot
Now you need some words of wisdom, need some help to find your way
Just relax upon my sofa; I know just the thing to say:
I say aha! aha! aha aha aha aha say, how's that make you fee

"a second verse..."

There's a lady on my ledge and she's looking mighty fine
But that chicken suit she's wearing says she's out of her mind
Lady step in through my window watch your head; you'll want to crouch
Lay your eggs upon my desk and pop your beak upon my couch
Hit the couch! hit the couch....
Now this chicken lady's crazy there's no doubt I need be asking
She's a few eggs short of an Easter basket
So what's a man to say to a lady who's a bird?
I can solve all of her problems with just one little word
I say aha! Say it with me now... I say aha! Say it a little louder now aha! once again aha! once again aha aha! HEY how's that make you feel [insert Michael Jackson-style OUWGH!!]?

"last verse"

Here's a man, I've been his shrink for seventeen years
We've shared a lot of laughter, we've shared a lot of tears
But now he says he's healthy, says his therapy is through
Says he's movin' on: well I've a word for you:
I say Hey! That's my word for him I say hey! Listen to me Jim
I have got a mortgage, fixed a BMW
I gotta wife who's like a refugee from 'Taming of the Shrew'
So you may say your healthy: no ifs or ands or buts
But if you think you're getting out of here well buddy you're nuts
Hit the couch! hit the couch! hit the couch! hit the........

I'm sorry our time is up...
Hit the street! [final chord]

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Anónimo dijo...


Nunca terminó de gustarme, no tengo sentido del humor para eso. xDD.

Por cierto, espero que este mes de septiembre te vaya mu mu bonito...

Un beso.


Petisuis dijo...


Por cierto, el autor de la pieza, es Vivaldi =^__^=